Sunday, June 19, 2011

My scrapbook

Hey friends....Happy Sunday to you all... ! The mere thought of Monday and a beginning of new week at office is so disturbing...anyway..I dont wanna think about it.. ! You remember I had slightly mentioned of a scrapbook some time back...well even if you don't, you would remember now coz I wanna share some pages of my personal scrapbook. This is gonna be a long post with lotta pictures..!!

This is me and my hostel frnz...while visiting Chowki Dhaani in Pune...and oh btw..I did my Engg from Pune..miss that place, that weather, those college days..!

Thats a vintage layout, I have taken two pictures to show off the transparency holding the photo tag...m gonna put my mom -dad's vintage pic :)

My mom dad with Brangelina ;) lol..Madame Tussauds

My sis...she is so much taller than me :( I had fun creating this mini wardrobe.. :D

'The Mummy' real and reel life..! I loved the hand and foot embellishments on this one

Yay......tinkerbell :) The shrek characters are for real and no statues :O

Mom Dad's Limo drive !! The arrow indicates a cute lil tag for journalling :)

This is me...I liked trying the circular frame here !

Well...thats all about it...I need to complete the journalling part and bind it...I also realised how important it is to have good pictures for me..the look changes entirely once you know the pictures you are gonna put !! I haven't been able to take very god pictures but I loved the way it has turned out in reality :)

Will be back with my handmade flower tutorial soon...!

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  1. wow this is so lovely u have come up with different ideas for each page love the pics and the vintage dp's very much.

  2. wow.. beautiful scrapbook.. love each and every page ...

  3. Wow it looks so super. I like the vintage look you have achieved.
    Ans waiting for your flower tutorial

  4. AWesome Awesome! and simply awesome! superbly done!

  5. WOW!.. its super duper fab!.. love all the pics too! :D