Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Blog Award... !

This is my first blog award and I've got this from Karuna. Wow...thnx Karuna, its a very different feeling...U have made my day girl !

From what I get, I need to list 10 things about here they are:

1. I am a die hard romantic
2. I like to travel a lot and I have covered a lot of parts in India, including Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Manali, Dharamshala, Simla, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Kohima, Manipur, Nagaland, Chail, Hrishikesh, Mahabaleshwar, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mysore, be some more :)
3. I like adventure sports and have done few of those...rafting, para sailing, para gliding, kayaking, rappling, mountain climbing, skiing...n I want to try a lot more..!
4. I am working as an engineer, and everyday I have an urge to quit and take over to cardmaking
5. I am a foodie and I love to gorge on sweets too...
6. I have one adorable sis and 2 loving brothers, all younger to me...
7. I am scared of every kind of animal... :( Cow, cat, dogs...
8. My Smile is my best feature...apart from my hair...hehe....!!
9. I am allergic to mosquitoes and ants
10. My dream place is 'Maldives'

Well....I hope with this you would know a little bit more about me. And I would like to pass this award to

1. E.T - she gives me a never ending inspiration
2. Dr. Sonia - I am amazed to see the talent she has, how do u manage this with your job
3. Hussena - Ive recently got in touch with her and couldn't believe my eyes...her work is more than a 'Wow'
4. Indira - I love her chic style for the color splash challenge..
5. Kavitha - She is good at not one but all the other crafts...she really makes best use of her 'Creative skills'
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  1. Shubhra.. Truly well deserved.. Had wanted to pass on this award to you but I have a lame excuse so I wont mention it here but am glad Karuna passed it on to you.. Totally correct.. Kudos to you... Hugs..!

  2. thanks shubhra it seems we share the same taste in craft and crafters as u may have seen in blog i have passed this award to almost the same ones as u.

  3. Thank You Shubhra,Karuna beat me to it. I was planning to pass on this award to You!! Ha ha
    Thank You dear for thinking of me

  4. Thanks Shubra! That's so sweet of you. I am getting 2 awards on the same day for my blog :) And both being the first ever for my blog!! Happy happy :)