Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dream car !!

Hey dearies..

How ya'all doing...?? I have to share a special card for a special occasion today....well, its about celebrating the spirit of womanhood at Indian Craft Room !! Here is my card....

Yea...its a car... n that too a pink one....and u have to trust me when I say this, I actually plan to buy a pink car...seen the one in Dostana (Abhishek's car)..lolz.....loved it !! So this card speaks of me..which is being pink!! Sometimes I want to hate pink...with so much pink around...right from my toothbrush to bath robe to clothes to bag....ewww....I mean....I want a break...but lord only can help me...!! Anyway...the card also depicts my dream car....the caption is going well with the convertible...thats all to it !! :)

Everything on this card is handmade....the car is hand drawn and painted, the bugs are handcut and painted, the white flowers are painted and the caption is hand written too !!

Hope ya like it !!
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  1. Thats a really beautiful handmade card, Shubhra!! My current car obsession is Beetle :D Its a big shot but I hope I will be able to buy it some day.

  2. Ohh, I have a blog candy at my blog. Would love for you to enter.

  3. hey congrats shubhra on winning mallikas candy,and this is a super fab card can't believe everything is done by hand its so creative.

  4. super cool card,bit in hurry,will come back soon

  5. pink car is very girlish and chic. i like pink cars too hope that your dream of having a pink car would come true