Thursday, June 23, 2011

Handmade Flower tutorial !

So....finally I am able to find time and post this tutorial which was due since long. I really hope that it is helpful to even a few :)
Straight to the task...things you need before you start

1. Light cardstock (Take the color for which you want to make the flower). I am taking green
2. Thin flower making wire (comes in different colors, you can take any)
3. Glitter (same color as that of cardstock)
4. Pencil,Scissors and Fevicol, glue gun
5. Peps (optional)

Not really fancy stuff and can be easily procured :)

1. Draw the shape of the petals free hand on the colored cardstock. You need to draw 6 such petals by folding the paper so that you come up with total of 12.

2. Now cut the petals
You would have something like this, total 12 in pair of 2.

3. Now put fevicol on one of each petal (from pairs of 6) , place the wire in center (lengthwise) and cut the wire
Do this for 6 petals, you would be left with 6 more petals.

4. Now paste one petal each on top of the wired petal.

So you would now be having 6 petals with wire in between. See the left 3 in above pic.

5. Glitter the 6 petals. Apply fevicol on one side of each petal and sprinkle a lot of glitter (with the aged mantra, using a sheet beneath and then collecting the excess back into the jar/packet)

6. This step is optional if you don't have peps. I glued green peps to the center of each petal like this

7 . Now with all the 6 petals ready, you just need to place the petals. Well this is tricky, I tried using a thread first but it didn't work. So I used glue gun and its done in not more than 5 mins !!

The trick is actually to apply glue from glue gun on either side of petal (very slightly on side borders) and then put the next petal on the previous one, hold it for 30-40 seconds till it is firm.

8. After arranging the petals, I just played with them to give each petal a proper shape (Its easy coz it is wired !!)
9. To cover the center, I used a small fringed flower.

And here is how I arranged it to make a card !!

Well hope you like it. And if you try it, I'll be much happier to see your creations !

With Love
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  1. very pretty have to give it a try,thanks for sharing.

  2. It is super fantastic. Must have got glitter all over you!!

  3. nice...but i have got this kind of glittery cloth...will make flower from that...then dekhte h look kaisa aata h :)

  4. wow!!! it looks like a ready made.... gr8 tutorial... love ur nail paint ;)

  5. Nice nail paint... Ohh and brilliant tutorial too.. I shall give this one a try.. :-)

  6. wow... great tutorial...looks like ready made only.. thanks dear..

  7. thanks for that tutorial... have to get my hands on some glitter and try it out... loved that flower when i saw it on ur card... thanks again

  8. very pretty flower Shubhra... thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Loved the glittery flower...they look just so pretty and make me so happy!!
    Even though I love glitter, I buy it by the tons and still hoard it..what if it gets over? so I save it!! will have to use it now!! :)

    Do post this in the ICR forum-DIY and tutorial section!

  10. wow!.. the flower looks so neat and gorgeous!.. thanks for sharing! :)