Saturday, June 25, 2011

Window Card with a sentiment


I am glad that I have managed to make something for Anita Di's 'Window with a sentiment' challenge.
I have tried window cards for the first time and have gone completely in love with it.. :) I had to make a card for a friend's 25th B'day ! So I clubbed it with this challenge ;)

This is the complete card...its quiet big !!

The pocket has a this....

And I decorated the inside of the card too...something like this..

That's it...The card looks stylish,apt for the girl who is to receive it..! 

I am off to card making...hope to come up with something great till morning...Till then..G Nite !

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Two cards

Hey gurlz...

I made two cards, this one below was really quick...and I made it because I wanted to use this beautiful PP..

The butterflies are silhouette cut and then glittered, the sentiment is a freebie from E.T's blog. The card didn't turn out too well...but I had to use the PP...

The one below is CASed from Ujjwal's blog, this card

The roses are handmade and had been lying for I had been planning to make something with these..but they didn't fit in...and it was then that I saw Ujjwal's card.. :)

Its distressing on plain white card stock and then some stamping... ! The card didn't turn out how I imagined but I think I did a decent job..!
Ohh...that's my brother in the frame beside the card... :)
I am entering the second (flower) card for - Sparkly flowers
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Handmade Flower tutorial !

So....finally I am able to find time and post this tutorial which was due since long. I really hope that it is helpful to even a few :)
Straight to the task...things you need before you start

1. Light cardstock (Take the color for which you want to make the flower). I am taking green
2. Thin flower making wire (comes in different colors, you can take any)
3. Glitter (same color as that of cardstock)
4. Pencil,Scissors and Fevicol, glue gun
5. Peps (optional)

Not really fancy stuff and can be easily procured :)

1. Draw the shape of the petals free hand on the colored cardstock. You need to draw 6 such petals by folding the paper so that you come up with total of 12.

2. Now cut the petals
You would have something like this, total 12 in pair of 2.

3. Now put fevicol on one of each petal (from pairs of 6) , place the wire in center (lengthwise) and cut the wire
Do this for 6 petals, you would be left with 6 more petals.

4. Now paste one petal each on top of the wired petal.

So you would now be having 6 petals with wire in between. See the left 3 in above pic.

5. Glitter the 6 petals. Apply fevicol on one side of each petal and sprinkle a lot of glitter (with the aged mantra, using a sheet beneath and then collecting the excess back into the jar/packet)

6. This step is optional if you don't have peps. I glued green peps to the center of each petal like this

7 . Now with all the 6 petals ready, you just need to place the petals. Well this is tricky, I tried using a thread first but it didn't work. So I used glue gun and its done in not more than 5 mins !!

The trick is actually to apply glue from glue gun on either side of petal (very slightly on side borders) and then put the next petal on the previous one, hold it for 30-40 seconds till it is firm.

8. After arranging the petals, I just played with them to give each petal a proper shape (Its easy coz it is wired !!)
9. To cover the center, I used a small fringed flower.

And here is how I arranged it to make a card !!

Well hope you like it. And if you try it, I'll be much happier to see your creations !

With Love
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My scrapbook

Hey friends....Happy Sunday to you all... ! The mere thought of Monday and a beginning of new week at office is so disturbing...anyway..I dont wanna think about it.. ! You remember I had slightly mentioned of a scrapbook some time back...well even if you don't, you would remember now coz I wanna share some pages of my personal scrapbook. This is gonna be a long post with lotta pictures..!!

This is me and my hostel frnz...while visiting Chowki Dhaani in Pune...and oh btw..I did my Engg from Pune..miss that place, that weather, those college days..!

Thats a vintage layout, I have taken two pictures to show off the transparency holding the photo tag...m gonna put my mom -dad's vintage pic :)

My mom dad with Brangelina ;) lol..Madame Tussauds

My sis...she is so much taller than me :( I had fun creating this mini wardrobe.. :D

'The Mummy' real and reel life..! I loved the hand and foot embellishments on this one

Yay......tinkerbell :) The shrek characters are for real and no statues :O

Mom Dad's Limo drive !! The arrow indicates a cute lil tag for journalling :)

This is me...I liked trying the circular frame here !

Well...thats all about it...I need to complete the journalling part and bind it...I also realised how important it is to have good pictures for me..the look changes entirely once you know the pictures you are gonna put !! I haven't been able to take very god pictures but I loved the way it has turned out in reality :)

Will be back with my handmade flower tutorial soon...!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Blog Award... !

This is my first blog award and I've got this from Karuna. Wow...thnx Karuna, its a very different feeling...U have made my day girl !

From what I get, I need to list 10 things about here they are:

1. I am a die hard romantic
2. I like to travel a lot and I have covered a lot of parts in India, including Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Manali, Dharamshala, Simla, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Kohima, Manipur, Nagaland, Chail, Hrishikesh, Mahabaleshwar, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mysore, be some more :)
3. I like adventure sports and have done few of those...rafting, para sailing, para gliding, kayaking, rappling, mountain climbing, skiing...n I want to try a lot more..!
4. I am working as an engineer, and everyday I have an urge to quit and take over to cardmaking
5. I am a foodie and I love to gorge on sweets too...
6. I have one adorable sis and 2 loving brothers, all younger to me...
7. I am scared of every kind of animal... :( Cow, cat, dogs...
8. My Smile is my best feature...apart from my hair...hehe....!!
9. I am allergic to mosquitoes and ants
10. My dream place is 'Maldives'

Well....I hope with this you would know a little bit more about me. And I would like to pass this award to

1. E.T - she gives me a never ending inspiration
2. Dr. Sonia - I am amazed to see the talent she has, how do u manage this with your job
3. Hussena - Ive recently got in touch with her and couldn't believe my eyes...her work is more than a 'Wow'
4. Indira - I love her chic style for the color splash challenge..
5. Kavitha - She is good at not one but all the other crafts...she really makes best use of her 'Creative skills'
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Black And White with tinge of Aqua

Finally I have succeeded in making a black and white card...yippee.. !! I love this one...after wasting a lot of black card stock and a number of failed attempts...I am happy with the outcome...

I am bad at taking pictures, but the card is even better in reality ! The butterflies and flourish are Silhouette cut, some distressing...but still it took me long to complete this, coz one,it was black and white and I was dead scared and two, I take a lot of time in designing...may be because I have not be doing it for so long..
So this is my entry for ICR Color Splash challenge.
I am also entering it for -   Anything with wings and use a stamp - I have used the sentiment stamp - ends 1st july
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Friendship card

Heya ...

I HAD to make a card for Anita's challenge as part of her Blogoversary celebrations !! So I have made this cute little thing...
The flap opens up for putting in a picture..! And the "Just for Girls" tag is something I saved from my shopping labels !
Most importantly this card is dedicated to Mallika (she is the sweetest person in blogland) and Karuna (she was the first person to comment on my blog and tell me little things that I didn't know as a novice !)
And yeah, there is so much more to look forward to Anita's Blog in lieu of her Blogoversary for the entire if you haven't yet started..its never too late !!
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

In love with Lillies !

Finally......I have made a card for Kavitha's Inspirational Challenge :) Not many know that I am completely in love with punch craft and that I have done a professional course in basic and advanced punch craft..! But what we all know is that Anita Di is one of the best we have esp when it comes to punch craft. So I thought why not do something related to punch craft and that too inspired from none other than Anita Di. I have CASed one of her card from here.

No comparison to what she has made.....but at least I tried... !! And I love these lillies.. :)
I am entering it for Kavitha's inspirational challenge, hope Kavitha Di and Anita Di would  like it !
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Card + Good news :)

Well...I want to share a lot of good things happening to me (fingers crossed). First,  I am elated after winning at Scrap Creations for my Engagement Layout. Second, I had also been waiting to thank Aditya from craft zone for the fab stamp set he has sent me. I am not sure how many such bloggers are out there but he actually shipped me a stamp set as for the time being he could not arrange for the custom stamp (which he still considers due on him !) Its juz so nice of him.. ! and Third,I got about 20 orders  in about 2 days... :D I am super excited...
Coming to the card, I had to make the handmade flower repeatedly for the orders, lil boring but turns out bful...check these out

I am going to enter both separately for Kavitha's challenge again ! I'll be back soon with a tutorial on this flower... :)
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