Saturday, July 21, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Craft flowers

Hi girls

I have been too lazy to do some posts lately but that is not keeping me away from scrapping ! While there are a lot of unfinished projects which I wish to complete and post here soon...I have done this one especially for Itsy Bitsy craft flowers challenge. The flower range with Itsy bitsy is very versatile and competitive, compared to other flower brands available in craft market.
I have quiet a lot of different Itsy Bitsy flowers for adorning a variety of projects.

Since the challenge demanded anything but a card/LO, I decided to embellish this box below which I bought about 2 yrs back...for no real purpose...but with these flowers, it has turned into something much more useful and very pretty, of course !

And this is how it looked like afterwards

The Itsy bitsy flowers used are Antique fusion flowers bubble gum, Harmony flowers bubble gum and English Roses Small Vintage

And now a close up of the pretty flowers.And oh yes, did you check out the creativity at the itsy bitsy blog, Sunehra has come up with some real innovative ways to use the flowers, its something to look at !

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  1. Wow..this looks amazing ,love it.Lovely color combo:)

  2. Totally gorgeous Shubra! The box is totally transformed and I too like the color scheme. Thanks so much for entering our challenge and all the very best!!

    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  3. Hey ms engineer...You gotta quite a creative streak....
    this too is very pretty one...
    really like that way you have combine the diff. varieties of flowers....