Monday, May 30, 2011

Handmade flower !!

Greetings.. !!
I wanted to make a very pretty flower for Kavitha's challenge especially...purely bcoz I love flower while I was trying to make something good and different, i dont know how I came up with this brilliant card and such a gorgeous flower... ;-) 

Trust me when I say this...its much more beautiful in reality...and the best part is turned out far better than my imagination...partly coz I added glitter to the flower as an afterthought. :) check out some more pics..

The flower is TOTALLY handmade...I can share a tutorial sometime if people really like it... :)
so it goes for Kavitha's challenge and our very own ICR Dhin Chak challenge. Scroll down for my other post on Engagement Layout..!
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  1. shubhra.. u should not ask if people ask for tutorials.. u need to just go ahead and do it... lovely card babe.. totally love the flower.. and... pleaseeeee put up a tutorial...:)

  2. Thnx Khush..for keeping my spirit high :)

  3. nice flower and waiting for that tutorial...

  4. Lovely flower girl,awesome card.Thanks for playing along:)

  5. Glad that u all liked it...thnx for your comments! First thing on weekend I"ll post a tutorial... :)

  6. It is so superb. I saw this in ICR but couldnt get your blog link from ICR. Now reached here from Mallika's blog. Love your work
    Cheers from Bangalore
    Dr Sonia S V

  7. lovely card...Shubra....beautiful flower..n ya waiting for the tutorial:))