Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bumble bee card..! begin with had an awesome week...took 2 days off frm work n indulged in craft .. gave lyf to one of my dreams...yup u got it right a crafty creation..this time a beautiful bumble bee card..!

  Used bumble bee punch for d flower...sunflower for d buds...
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  1. Hey deary,

    Nice knowing u & a warm welcome to you to this world of crafts..... Thanks for stopping by & sharing your love..... I like this creation of yours.... I love the way how u have incorporated the bee punch to form the beautiful flower.... Amazingly adorable....:)

    Thanks for linking up to the candy... I hope u are aware of the bonus candy as well.... I had a button on the right sidebar, just copy the html & paste it on a html gadget on the side.... That has pic of both the candies together.... Lots of love & Wishes,